Week 21 Patriotic

Large crowd at the 4th of July event in Plymouth….. Uncle Sam was walking around meeting and greeting all the peeps , but there was a lull in the action when I took this shot with my iPhone. The picture had to many distracting elements in the background so I cropped and  edited it using a few apps ( iColorama, Stackables and Distressed FX) to bring more focus on this patriotic guy on stilts  – Colleen  

The original Photo is below –



Next weeks theme prompt is FIRE


Week 19 In the Park

Can you believe this is right in the middle of Minneapolis? Loring Park is always bustling with people, events, and squirrels. [scary squirrels who aren’t afraid of people, by the way]I guess no one wanted to play on these chess boards tonight. – Maria

Hhhhhmmmmm – which one to conquer first? Confidence is strong as these two approached the slides showing no fear…..- Colleen