Week 26 Wheels

Wheels  – playing around with perspective using the Aperture Priority mode. F/2.2, Shutter 1/640 , ISO-800 , no flash.


Week 26 Life

Sarah –Summer life around here means Softball. David plays twice a week and the kids LOVE going to watch and play/run the bases after games. Nothing says summer life like muscle shirts, plaid bubble skirts and softball with family and friends!Week 26 Life

Julie – Adeline turns 3 on Friday.  Her Grandpa turned 60 this past Monday.  She was captured on the garden path in the summer garden at its height of scent and delight. I love the party dress, bare feet and the Black Eyed Susan clutched in her little girl hand. So blessed. LifeWeek 26 Life

Colleen- Life is about celebrating people, relationships and being grateful for everyday events. The past weekend we celebrated Cassidy’s birthday with a family BBQ in the backyard. This was a candid shot of Cassidy, her daughter Alice and nephew Giarri trying to blow out the magic candles that kept relighting . The lighting from the  late afternoon sun was magical too – dipping behind the trees and creating a soft filter of light on the scene. Week 26 Life

Next weeks word prompt is Black and White