About Us

Hello and welcome to Our 52 Snaps! We  created this blog as a way to challenge ourselves to become better photographers and learn how to use our DSLR cameras /cell phones with all of the awesome but intimidating features.

There are lots of photo challenges on the internet and Pinterest, and we  thought it looked like fun so are giving it a go .

A list of theme words are used as prompts for creative ideas about what  kind of picture to take each week. We do not know what each other is taking until it is uploaded to the post. It’s always a fun surprise to see how each of us interpret the theme word through a photograph.

There are tons of free resources that we have been using to the help us learn how to use a camera, what to look for in composition, lighting, and general tips on taking great pictures. We will be posting our favorite resources here soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Colleen, Sarah,Julie and Maria