Week 11 Macro

Can you guess what it is? -Maria


 Antonia has the best hair. These huge ringlet curls for days – it’s so hard to capture them because she’s always moving, but two bunnies playing in the yard kept her still just long enough! -Sarah


I can’t get enough of spring flowers and you can’t go wrong with a  Gerbera Daisy from the supermarket. -Colleen


Week 10 Urban

Maria-URBAN HOUSING. Downtown/Riverside housing. Nicknamed “The Crack Stacks”, this urban development is very recognizable due to its fun multi colored walls and just as recognizable for its higher than average crime rates. 


Sarah -Took this while we were waiting for the Light-rail on Hiawatha in Mpls. I love these industrial buildings that make up the urban south Minneapolis ‘skyline’


Colleen – Fruen Mill  on the western edge of downtown MPLS was built back in 1890 to manufacture bolts and screws and then went on to produce breakfast cereal. Today it is an urban eyesore  and deathtrap that looms over this tennis court at a city park along Basset Creek. A few years ago the city was looking for a developer to rebuild condos on the site, but so far nothing is happening.

Week 9 Looking Down

Julie- Pic of daughter Alyson from last weekend on a glorious Saturday looking down from a big ol’ oak tree – she didn’t spill a drop!


Colleen –  “Looking down the bar” at Devils Advocate. Sunday was the last night that the bar would be open at this location and boasted a packed house full of life and energy. Taken with my iphone.


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Week 8 Focus

Maria’s Photo- The bell tower at St. Olaf
“When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure you are always blessed in abundance.” – Joel Osteen

Colleen’s Photo – This shot was taken earlier this week as we were somewhere passing through Tennessee. There were many old abandoned farm buildings that we could see from the highway…..and I was kind of fascinated by them. The shutter speed and ISO were set quite high since we were traveling in the car at 70 miles an hour and it was an overcast day. Post-editing was done to blur out the background, leaving only the dilapidated barn in focus. F/10, ISO 3200, 1/4000 sec.

Sarah’s Photo – I always know when he’s focusing intensely when his little tongue comes out 😜 whether he is playing baseball, practicing his letters or trying his hardest to color within the lines, he is one focused kid.

Julie’s Photo- Otis is our own “Clifford the Big Red Dog” -I  managed a shot while desperately focusing on getting him back to shore as he cluelessly lounged on spring ice that was not safe.

Want to play along? Get out your camera and take a snap of this weeks Theme Prompt. Week 9 –  Looking Down 

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