Week 4 Leading Lines

Julie- Leading Lines of beeswax tapers for a winter dinner party table centerpiece. Week 4 Leading Lines

Maria- The Minneapolis skyline leading nowhere but up.


Sarah- It was unseasonably warm this weekend so we put on rain boots and headed outside.These two had a blast running around Lake  moo splashing in all of the puddles!This line separating the bike path from the pedestrian path lead the way! img_2311

Colleen- I had the opportunity to visit St. Augustine Florida this week. The Spanish and European influence gave me lots of inspiration. The beautiful arches ,sunlight and Spanish style lights draw your eye to the very end of the veranda of the public parking lot.

Week 4 Leading Lines


Week 3 Texture

Colleen- Changing the photo to black and white seemed to bring out the Texture of pine needles and cones along with the fallen palm fronds on the golf course today. My ball frequently went out of bounds so I saw a lot of these! Week 3 Texture

Julie-Thought I would share the many lovely and layered textures that my eyes and mouth enjoy daily…often … too frequent! Week 3 Texture

Maria- weird grass and golf ball dimples are my in Minnesotan textures for February. Week 3 Texture

Sarah-I took a few other photos for this week but the Texture just didn’t pop until I hit the produce aisle and the pinaeapples caught my eye! Nothing but Texture here!

Week 3 Texture

Week 2 Silhouette

Julie-It’s been a mild winter in Minnesota. February and the yard is more brown than white. Tonight temps are falling hard. Nipping cold and still quiet is reminding me that Winter isn’t over with us yet. Week 2 Silhouette

Sarah- taken at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, shot into the sun to get a silhouette of my two sisters walking ahead.

Week 2 Silhouette

Maria- Slight adjusting of highlights and shadows makes my wall hanging the perfect Silhouette.

Week 2 Silhouette

Colleen- A late afternoon tee-time gave me a chance to take this picture of the flag and trees in Silhouette at the top of the hill at the 15th hole. The sun was setting rather quickly so we didn’t get to finish the round but it was a great afternoon.

Week 2 Silhouette


Next weeks theme word is Textures

Week 1 Signs

Well we made it!  52 weeks of photos posted over 2016 .  I’m proud of us for keeping this blog going – sometimes it was hard to keep up – but we did it .  The weekly exercises help us to be better photographers and has made us keenly aware of the beauty and grace in everyday things and events. It’s fun to look back at the year in review and remember the circumstances around the pictures that we took – sort of like a photo diary.

Thanks for following along with us on this creative adventure!

Colleen, Sarah, and Julie

We’re excited to start a new round of 52 weeks of photos starting off with Week 1 SIGNS

Sarah- This was taken at the State Theater on Hennepin Ave downtown Minneapolis. I was standing in a parking lot across the street. I love how the glow of the sign reflects on the street! I was hoping to get some motion in the cars zooming by, but they were all stopped at the stoplight.Week 1 Signs

Colleen- The gnomes are back! Signs of spring are popping up at local garden centers even though we have single digit temps and snow on the ground. I was at Bachmans when I saw these guys – photo taken with my iPhone and sharpened in the Snapseed app.Week 1 Signs

Julie- For 75 years huge red letters on a NE Mpls rooftop spelled out N A B I S C O – Reduced to a dumpster after a new owner and renovation.  I dived. Don’t know what ever happened to the N I or O – all I could fit into the van at the time were A B C and S.

Week 1 Signs

Week 2 – Silhouette