Week 46 Rule of Thirds

Colleen- The view from my hotel room in Utah  a few weeks ago – One third landscape and mountains, two thirds sky . Low res, and taken with my old crappy iPhone.Week 46 Rule of Thirds

Julie -I had to look up the definition – its about the balance and space in your frame – makes your photo feel more realistic and not staged.  The large red ornament was in the “crosshairs”. Click.Week 46 Rule of Thirds


Sarah – The sunrise this morning was stunning! It’s not the best example of rule of thirds, but I tried to have the horizon and large tree on the right split the thirds horizontal and vertical. 

Week 46 Rule of Thirds


Week 45 Pure White

Julie – The view gazing out of the “ice bar” – one can hear the quiet of the first seasonal snowfall. img_8453

Colleen – Pure White walls and floors entering into the side entrance of the Guthrie Theater.img_7801

Sarah –We woke up to a TON of beautiful white snow this morning. I got this shot of the snow falling in the sky and the undisturbed snow on the ground before we trekked through with our shoe and shovel tracks!
Photo made black and white in post processing.week 45 Pure White

Next weeks theme word is Week 46 – Rule of Thirds 

Week 44 From Above

Julie- Here is a shot from my mother’s Thanksgiving kitchen. This fruit salad has been a staple at every celebratory family dinner for three generations.  The original recipe card shows how many cooks have referenced one egg or two for the yummy custard!week 43 From Above

Sarah- From above my Christmas tree. Taken with iPhone because logistically it was just easier! week 43 From Above