Week 43 Morning

Sarah – This was taken the earlier in the week, the morning after the first real snow fall this year! Giarri was so excited to get his snow stuff on & get outside! This was edited a little for white-balance and to straighten it out – because once again, all my photos are always crooked!!! Week 43 Morning

Colleen – MORNING …..enough said .                                                                                               Edited on an iPad app with IColorama

Week 43 Morning  Next week’s theme- From Above


Week 42 Straight Out Of The Camera

Julie- Cute kittens or babies don’t need Photoshop!Week 42 Straight Out Of The Camera

Sarah- This is a photo of a Tufted Puffin taken at the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory. It was taken through the glass from the bottom up. The Puffin is actually black, but the hues from the water and the pool walls reflecting turned this bird a cool teal!                                                       Straight out of the camera. ✌🏼️Week 42 Straight Out Of the Camera

Colleen-We went for a walk around our neighborhood last week when the temps were a balmy 64 degrees.The leaves had all fallen and everything was brown and gray except for the blue sky. Week 42 Straight Out Of The Camera

Week 41 Shoot Through

Sarah-Looking through the carousel at Betty Dangers Country Club.  Shot at sunset, looking south into Downtown Minneapolis in the clearest sky, warmest night in November! Week 41 Shoot Through

Julie- Ages 10-3 lovely granddaughter faces, “shot through” fun fall-craft-masks, on a GORGEOUS 65 degree November weekend at the cabin.Week 41 Shoot Through

Colleen- Shoot Through the looking glass.  Week 41 Shoot Through


Next week- SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera)

Week 40 Kitchen

Julie –  Every kitchen needs a window to gaze out of while performing the simplest  of tasks – doing dishes by hand. At the cabin mismatched everything drip-dries unless someone wants to get busy with a flour sack towel. Week 40 Kitchen

Colleen- Our kitchen is the size of a postage stamp – (nothing to see here folks, just move along ) but it still seems to be a gathering spot . The grand kids do love the short run from the back door in the kitchen to the family room. This Halloween night we had  some very serious competition – just look at the focus on their sweet faces, even with the glow necklaces bouncing up and down. Taken at night so the picture has a lot of noise and grain  but I kind of like it anyway. I just may have had the wrong camera settings perhaps?  Week 40 Kitchen