Week 39 Still Life

Sarah- Still life: it’s that time of year where everything is decorated with pumpkins and gourds…and I love it! This was taken at the MN Landscape Arboretum this past weekend, where they had the entire grounds covered with beautiful pumpkins, gourds and other fall decor. One of my favorite places!Week 39 Still Life

Julie- I love the details of life and went back to a photo from our family’s Madeline Island wedding this fall.  “Gas or no gas” what is your preference?! The lovely graphics and green glass bottles are a reminder of the celebratory nuptial dinner enjoyed by all.Week 39 Still Life

Colleen –  Still Life ; This weeks challenge gave me an excuse to buy some fresh flowers to play around with. Though the picture is dark I took it in the natural light from the south facing dining room and that was enough to lighten up the subjects. I love setting up things from around the house for these still life  vignettes . Maybe its because they don’t move or wiggle like people do! Flowers and pumpkins from the nursery, squash from the garden, pine cones from the yard, and vintage silver from the thrift store – Happy Autumn! Week 39 Still Life

Week 40 – Kitchen


Week 38 After

Sarah-After the chaos of summer is done and after the crisp air turns the leaves beautiful golden colors and after the leaves begin to fall – that’s my favorite time of year! Taken in Minneapolis, MN.Week 38 After

Julie-“After”, another summer at the lake, a cozy fall fire inside feels good. Leaves are peaking, dock is in and soup is on the stove.   A rare lunar event with an October Hunter’s Moon coinciding with a supermoon is an exclamation point on the turning of the seasons. Week 37 After

Colleen- This was the scene at our neighborhood Medicine Lake after the summer came to a bittersweet end and after the beach closed for the season. The fall colors were spectacular and the clouds were beautifully heavy. AFTER ……  ISO 200  f/4.5  1/1000 sec Week 38 After

Week 37 Home

Julie – This weekend “home” was 160 acres owned by a friend in SE MN’s beautiful bluff country.  It is an annual event to tent camp, chill by a big fire, laugh a lot and let dogs run amok.  Before sunset the hay wagon is pulled by the John Deere tractor via the 100-year-old switchbacks to the highest ridge overlooking bucolic Yucatan Valley.  A magnum of Ladera, smoked oysters, herring, St Andre cheese, flat bread, along with a fancy hat helped with the celebratory moods among old friends.home

Sarah- This isn’t my home – but I wouldn’t mind if it were! This was taken in Savannah, GA, where the streets were lined with beautiful trees and beautiful romantic homes. My photos always come out crooked, so I straightened this & made the colors a little more vibrant.Week 37 Home

Colleen – This first picture below is not mine, but  I  just had to share this photo  of our ancestors HOME taken a few weeks ago by my sister Peggy  on her trip to Ireland.  She had a chance to meet my dads cousins who gave her a tour of the area where our grandfather grew up- and they led her to this house . It was built by my grandfathers  parents (dad’s grandparents) in the outskirts of Galway in an area called Mamm Cross. Our grandfather had already come over to America (at age 16)  when this was built, but his younger siblings grew up here. I’m hoping to see it in person next year on a visit to  Ireland!

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 ” Home is where memories are made and traditions are created “                         Colleen- The second image below is our home –  though not nearly as romantic and poignant as  the Irish cottage of my ancestors, it has none the less been a good solid home for 17 years.  It has witnessed the blending of  2 families, watched over lots of kids from Jr high through college, and then nudging them to leave the nest to find their own first homes as young  independent adults. Today this house is a comfortable haven full of the memories and traditions we made over the years and now  welcomes back our children and grand-children who are creating their own traditions and memories here.Week 37 Home

Week 36 Up Close and Personal

Julie- There is nothing more intimate than a bride and first peek at her bouquet on the morning of her wedding day. Taken with my Sony camera and not a cell phone!  This intimate moment captured our third daughter, no makeup, pensive, and beautiful.Week 36 Up Close and Personal

Colleen – My photo for the week is of the homemade pasta dough and my husbands hands as he guides the  fettuccine noodles through the pasta maker. It was hard to get a good shot since he was always turning the handle and catching the dough. Shutter speed was high and I kept the ISO low at 200.           The meal was delicious – I’m so lucky to be married to such a wonderful chef!  Week 36 Up Close and Personal

Next week – Week 37 HOME