Week 22 Pattern

Sarah-Pattern: So many patterns around us! I love when it just pours outside and yet it is still so tranquil. I could just stare at the raindrops hitting our sidewalk for hours. I LOVE the patterns they create; it is so relaxing. I had to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the raindrop pattern. I boosted the contrast to make the patterns a little more visible. 

Week 22  Pattern

Julie –Nothing better than Great Grandma Colista’s “Good Cookie” recipe – plenty of butter and a cup each of coconut oatmeal and Rice Krispies. Rolled dough balls are finished off with a fork indent for the signature criss-cross “pattern”  – Yum YumWeek 22 Pattern

Colleen- This scrap of wrapping paper is the Pattern that caught my eye this week. I’m drawn to black and white and I like the clean graphic design of this paper. It makes the “lil sweeties” and grapes pop off of the page. Natural light coming in from the  south window offered plenty of light to light up the fruit.

Week 22 Pattern


Next week’s word prompt is Black and White


Week 21 Golden

Julie – I love candlelight and I have raised daughters with the same appreciation.  This weekend’s Saturday night dinner at the VRBO on Lake Superior wasn’t enjoyed until she found 14″ tapers in the old buffet.

Week 21 Golden

Colleen – We walked along the river in downtown Stillwater over the weekend and we came across this fellow on the gondola….. and he was singing in Italian! I only had my cell phone with me so quickly got the shot. I thought the early evening light ( the Golden Hour) was perfect. Edited in an iPhone appWeek 21 Golden

Sarah- We went to the Stone Arch Bridge Festival over the weekend on Father’s day. I love the views of the city from this side of the river.I made the photo black and white and left the original color of the iconic Gold Medal Flour sign.Week 21 Golden


Next weeks theme word is Pattern.

Week 20 Metal

Colleen – We have had this old…. really old…. box of rusty nuts, bolts and scissors sitting in our garage forever. I don’t really know where it came from but I think they make a perfect subject for this week’s challenge.  I even started using the scissors- they are perfect for garden work. Photo taken outside and edited in PicMonkey and  closely cropped.Week 20 Metal

Julie- This metal detail was from an old grain scale that sat on my front porch for years. Last summer a couple of hounds were tied to it. They trashed it (long story)….. this is all I could salvage. It looks happy enough among the cabin garden hosta and phlox.Week 20 Metal

Sarah-  Even though this is such a broad theme, it stumped me!! As I was getting ready the other day, I looked over and saw the mess that is my jewelry. All different types of metals … some precious, some faux. I was attracted to the bright colors of some of the necklaces. Just a little color/light adjusting in Photoshop.  The lamp we have in our room gives off a yellow glow; while I normally like the feel of it, I don’t think I like it in this picture. But, no other light options on a cloudy day!Week 20 Metal

Week 19 Garden

Julie – Could there be a better category than our Minnesota rain forest looking gardens right now?  Surprisingly  I ended up with the flower box herb garden at the end of our dock.Week 19 Garden

Sarah-For this week’s theme, where better place to go than the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis? This is a quaint, beautiful wildflower garden, right in the heart of the city. But when you are there, it is so quiet and peaceful, you would think you are hundreds of miles away from the hustle and bustle, not 2 miles from downtown! 

I was literally a day early for the showy lady slippers, as they bloomed the next day. There were plenty of dragonflies buzzing around; I happened to catch this guy while he was taking a break resting on these beautiful purple flowers. 
I had my zoom 55-250mm lens, so I was able to get these great shots without getting too close and scaring them away. Aperture: f/5.6; Shutter Speed: 1/4000; ISO: 1000. Post-processing – just a crop.

Week 19 Garden

Colleen- I got lucky that the peonies were still blooming this week for the challenge. What fun staging and editing these beautiful flowers-all from our gardens. The downside is that the flowers wilt so quickly once they are cut and put into vases. This is the tail end of their lifespan with the petals starting to drop.

 The flowers were actually quite a bit more vibrant in person and almost looked fake so I de-saturated the colors in editing.

Its sad that these just bloom in the spring and are gone until the next year. The hardy little yellow flowers come up every year too but I don’t recall the name.

 The picture was taken in low light and edited.  F/3.2, 1/200, ISO 100  Week 19 Garden


Next weeks word prompt is Metal. 

Week 18 Repetition

Sarah – Repetition: Our backyard is filled with day lilies, of which I am not that fond of. The only time I stop to look at them is after the rain. I absolutely love how the raindrops stick to the wide green petals. For this week’s repetition, I wanted to capture the repetition of the drops on a single leaf. Week 17 Repetition

Julie- Fairy-like Maiden Hair Ferns are my personal woodland love.  Morning light was dappled and color greens intense. Delicate finger twirl leaves are nature’s lovely handiwork for repetition.Week 18 Repetition

Colleen-  For this weeks challenge I just had to take a picture of the croquet balls all lined up after the fun backyard BBQ on Memorial day. We had perfect weather for the little ones to try to hit the balls around the yard.SONY DSC


Next weeks challenge word is Garden