Week 17 In Motion

Colleen- I love my morning coffee but this was not what I had in mind for Motion at the start of the week. After many attempts to get pictures of people on bikes or cars whizzing down the street ,  I gave up and went with this……and coffee is what gets me moving every morning!  The 6 am morning light is perfect for these dark background shots. I played around with shutter speed until I got the coffee freeze  and  if you look closely can see the steam rising.

Week 17 In Motion

Julie- This is our old galvanized feed bucket catching the rain water after the storm has passed . Motion.

Week 17 Motion

Sarah – Straight out of the camera: Motion. Giarri’s favorite thing is baseball. So what’s the perfect motion picture than hitting the baseball? I took the risk of standing in his path as he attempted to “hit it over the fence”. I took a ton of photos, trying to get the baseball in focus with everything else a little blurry, but couldn’t quite get the shot. At least I have all summer to practice!

Week 17 In Motion



Next weeks word prompt is Repetition


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