Week 15 After Dark

Julie- This photo was taken just after sunset- the fires in northern MN are making for some pretty spectacular skies and in this case reflections on the water after a beautiful spring day at the lake house.

Week 15 After Dark

Sarah –   I’ve always loved the night-time photos with the long exposures and the light trails. Some of my favorite photos I’ve taken are sitting on a bridge at dusk with the shutter open for about a minute, resulting in a clean color stream of blue and red from the cars zipping by.

I thought I’d experiment with this technique in the car (I was the passenger!) This was driving by the airport; I didn’t have the shutter open very long, since the moving vehicle caused enough movement to get the light lines. I like how it turned out; it reminds me of driving around looking at all the houses decorated for Christmas!

Week 15 After Dark

Colleen- Saturday we spent the day  cleaning up the yard and gardens, and ended up with a nice pile of  dry leaves and  dead branches that have fallen in the last storm .  The sun was down with only a hint of the day left  when we decided to have a fire as the night descended around us.  The chairs are favorites that have been at my parents cabin for over 50 years before they sent them our way to enjoy .  The fire gave enough light to get a  clear picture  and created magical shadows. The shutter speed was set at  200  to freeze the flames but because is was so dark outside, the ISO needed to be  pushed to 1600.

Week 15 After Dark

Next week’s prompt is Places and Spaces


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