Week 4 Light


This was a hard week for me, as I envisioned taking a picture of the golden light that fills my house in the afternoon; but all week it has been nothing but overcast. However, on Sunday I was able to get out and enjoy the Minnesota Arboretum with my mom and sisters – and while still overcast, there were moments of sun.
This was taken inside the conservatory – I love how the light from the window makes the cactus glow, with just a small pop of color with the flower.  Post editing was done in Photoshop Elements (thanks, Mom for the sweet birthday gift) – I haven’t had much time yet to play around with it, so I just used some of the basic functions to balance the light a little bit and add color saturation. I’m really excited to find a day to sit down, focus & dig into Photoshop to help me take my photos to the next level!


week 4 lightColleen– Last week my photo was dark and moody. This week I played around with the light, trying to soften harsh shadows and get the different shades of whites in the photo to come out clean and bright instead of a yellow cast.  I took the picture in natural daylight, and set up white foam boards on the back and sides to help minimize shadows.Week 4 Light



  • Next week’s theme word prompt is Lifestyle

Week 3 Simplicity

Colleen- I took a lot of pictures this week and have to admit that I am struggling with getting crisp and sharp images consistently. Since this is Valentines week  I thought this would be good – one rose lying on our well used baking sheet .

I did have good results sharpening this photo and adjusting the Levels  in Photoshop Elements 7.



Sarah – As soon as I saw this week’s theme, I knew what I wanted to capture; to me, nothing is more simple than the beauty of a rose. I took a few shots, focusing on different aspects of the flower – this was the focus I liked best – focused on the details of the petals. No post-processing here!

week 3 simplicity

Next week’s theme word prompt is Light

Week 2 Cold

Sarah- This was taken in my backyard. I love the contrast of the snow and the colors of the bird. Post-processing done in PicMonkey – not much done, just a little white balance adjustment.



Colleen- This picture was taken at a local park on Medicine Lake. It was a cold day, but the kids and parents were having so much fun.  It was mostly overcast but still so bright with all of the snow that the sliding hill looked really washed out when I uploaded to my computer. I added some texture and color so the snow had some depth and would “pop” a little more.

Post processing done in Photoshop Elements 7 and Picmonkey.



Next week’s theme word is Simplicity.