Week 1 Beginning

Sarah – Challenge Accepted! I am going to approach this challenge by taking pictures of my world – but try to make them more interesting and get more comfortable with my camera. I chose this picture because it shows Antonia in the beginning stages of crawling and being more mobile. It also represents the beginning of a new stage for her, and our family! Look out world!

I like the perspective of the photo and the blurry background, but I wish that her face was more in focus, rather than her clothes. I adjusted the coloring a little bit in PicMonkey, but other than that, nothing was done as far as editing.

week 1 beginning.jpg

Colleen –  Ok – here we go with Week One challenge .  This is harder than I thought because I really want to take interesting photos and what I envisioned in my head was not translating to my picture.  The word beginning brings on so many different thoughts, but I went with the obvious.

The clock represents the beginning of time and the bible page is open to the opening paragraph of Genesis. I needed a little more interest and weight in the lower right side so I added a smooth rock ( though it looks like an egg!) to represent the earth.

I did some editing in Picmonkey and used the Smudge tool  since my photo seemed a little boring.